About Me

Hi, I’m Joe and my passion for biking began over 20 years ago when I had spent my entire savings to buy my first real mountain bike. I set out that summer in the footsteps of my idols Tinker Juarez and John Tomac to become a mountain bike racer. My first race was the 1996 NORBA National in Traverse City, MI. I bonked halfway through and barely finished, but my love for the sport and desire for adventure fully took root. I spent all of my free days riding the endless maze of Michigan’s Upper-Peninsula forested trails and constantly seeking out new routes. I found a job working for some seasoned and experienced mechanics, who held the the skill of bicycle repair in high regard and my passion for wrenching was forged. Maintaining the perfect cycling machine became my vocation and has remained with me. In 2007 I moved west for grand adventures and the opportunity to live in the PNW biking mecca. My love of bikes and bike repair has only intensified. Beargrass Bicycles (Gorge Bike Repair) is my way to give back to the cycling community and share my love with the people of the Columbia River Gorge.


Qualifications I have earned over the years include:

  • USACycling certified Race Mechanic
  • Completion of Bill Woodul Race Mechanic Clinic
  • Participation in the Park Tool Tech Summit
  • Bosch E-Bike Technician Certification