Bike Repair Services

Tune Ups

I prefer we start with the basics and add on as needed

The Basic: $126
Light clean, wheel true, bearing adjust, brake adjust, shift adjust, bolt-check, lube.

The Standard with Brake Bleed: $156
Light clean, wheel true, bearing adjust, brake adjust and full bleed, shift adjust, bolt-check, lube, drivetrain degrease.


Fork Service – Standard: $79 
Removal of lowers, installation of dust wipers, damper/spring inspection, new oil, damper work at hourly rate

Damper Rebuild: $50

Shock Service – Basic: $37
disassembly, cleaning, new air- sleeve seals, reassembly

Shock Service – Complete:
Price varies – please call for info 
Currently I am able to do full damper rebuilds on most Rockshox shocks including Monarch, Monarch Plus, Deluxe and Super Deluxe 

Other Services

Hourly Rate $90/hr

Creak Hunt Basic: $53

Bottom bracket, crank, pedal and bolt check on frame. If Creak not in one of these areas, full bike dis/re-assembly will be at hourly rate.

Wheel Builds: $89 starting, per wheel
I have knowledge, skills, and tools to build you a high-quality wheelset that will last for years

Frame Bearing Replacement: hourly rate
Replacement of frame pivot bearings

Parts Installation: varies 
Hunt for the best deals online and then bring the parts to me for a pro install 

Bike Assembly: full suspension/RadBike/ebike from box starts at $142
*new bikes aren’t cheap, don’t skimp on the assembly, get your new ride professionally built 

Bike Boxing: $68
Includes the box, packaging material, and professional packing 

This is a small list of the bike repair services I offer. If you need something done that is not listed, please contact me.

At Beargrass Bicycles we do not discriminate – I work on all bikes regardless of make, model, age, or style.